Ecological awareness also begins at work !

In my fight against waste, I’ve noticed that we produce many rubbishes at work, especially in the kitchen. Food waste, chemical products for washing, prepared dishes’ packagings and thousands of plastic bottles…

We’re really far from exemplarity !

Therefore I’ve decided to sensitize a bit my colleagues to zero waste by bringing one of my favorite kitchen tool : the tawashi sponge ! Easy to make, free, upcycled, reusable for life, and cutie. And plus, no need to change a lot our habits with it ! Often scheming for most of the people, I think it’s a perfect accessory to sensitize and begin in zero waste ! Soooo… Let’s hope my colleagues will try it 🙂

What about try it at home or at work ? You can even make it with your children !
Feel free to reuse my poster 😉

Quand je serai grand… – Diploma project

Here’s my diploma project, realised for the french ecologic foundation Goodplanet !
Some garbages are talking of their dreams…

Art direction, redaction, realisation & animation : Anaïs Guigue
Voice over : Valérie Bescht & Amélie Jouve
Music : Sun – Alan Špiljak

Métro – Boulot – Auto…

Who’s never been stucked in his car for hours to go to work ? Who’s never been mashed with thousand of people in a subway to go to the office ?

Each day, Marc spends 56 minutes to go to his office.
How can we reduce time spent in public transports or in our car to go to work ?

Art direction, redaction, realisation & animation : Anaïs Guigue
Voice over : Valérie Bescht –

Music : Some of these days – the Underscore Orkestra
Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License

“Tous les mêmes !” / “All the same !”

I’m proud to present you the 1st version of my project “Tous les mêmes!” (“All the same !”) on which I’ve been working lately. I am happy because I’ve finally the opportunity to work on a thematic I feel really concerned by, and I hope this video will change mentalities about feminism and men.

Feel free to share in order to make a change in the world ! 😉
Subtitles are coming soon.